Bite Size Recipe Book

Hunger Dead in Hundered gives a variety of hassle-free yet wholesome and tasty recipes that you can cook within hundered bucks. The recipe book is created keeping in mind students who live independently and would like to cook healthy and affordable meals. It encouraged you to follow a a 100km diet by enabling you to buy ingredients are grown locally and indulge in fresher, healthier cooking. *created as a part of a school project

A 100km diet, in simple words, is using ingredients grown/raised only in the 100km radius from where you live. It is a way fro you to support local farmers and help in building local economies. Not only that, but 100km diet helps you lead a healthier lifestyle and connect with the food that you eat.
Recipes are compiled keeping in mind the students of Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology in Yelahanka New Town in Bangalore for the purpose of the project. All four recipes come with a concise list of ingredients and an approximate cost for the same. It all comes with a map Yelahanka New Town showing all the vendors you can buy the ingredients from to follow a 100km diet.

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